Yucca Mesa Progress Newsletter

Yucca Mesa Porgress

Yucca Mesa Progress # 1 The Yucca Mesa Improvement Association publishes
the associations newsletter, six times a
year on the first of the following months;
January, March, May, July, September
& November
. In order for this to happen
content needs to be submitted NO LATER
then the 21st of the month preceding publication,
in other words; the 21st of
December for the January/ February issue,
the 21st of February for the March / April issue,
the 21st of April for the May / June issue,
the 21st of June for the July / August issue,
the 21st of August for the September / October issue, the 21st of October for the last issue of the year November / December.

This deadline of the 21st of the afore mentioned
months gives the editor time to set up the newsletter
 & get it proofread & corrections made in time for it's publication of the first of the months of issue.
Yucca Mesa Progress # 1 January / February 2018

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